Thursday, January 31, 2013

Letter Love 201 Online Course

On Friday February 1st, 2013 the Letter Love 201 online course by Joanne Sharpe at Whimsperations begins and I am taking part! I love lettering but I'm a little rusty with my techniques so I'm hoping to learn some new stuff that I can use in my journaling and in my drawings. It's the first time I've ever done an online course, and I'm really looking forward to it. I've got almost everything I need on the list of course requirements. Some things are a bit costly, and some things are also a little difficult to source here in Australia. Plus, being a beginner at journaling and this sort of thing, I haven't already accumulated many of the items most would ordinarily have.

I shall post images of my progress during the course, so stay tuned for those. It should be a lot of fun, and if you're keen on signing up for the course yourself, there is still time! Click HERE to go to Joanne's blog and check the list of online courses. The great thing about Joanne's courses is that after they have gone live, you can sign up for them at any time! So I can sign up for other courses she has already had, and I really like that idea.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Mail Art Projects

Today I've been pottering about in my workroom. It was my daughters first day back at school after the summer Christmas break, so it was nice to spend a few uninterrupted hours doing my thing.

Recently I learned a new art journal technique and decided to put it into practice with a few postcards today. Mail Art is another avenue that I've ventured into with my art. It's like a mini version of art journaling you can send to your friends and receive awesome little works of art in return!

Below is a partial image of the journal technique I recently learned and some images of today's 'works in progress'.

Mobile Blogging

From time to time, I might do a mobile blog post from my phone. This is why I chose to use Blogger for the Paisley and Brown Paper blog because I have installed the Blogger app on my phone. I take a lot of photos on my phone, especially of my artwork and craft projects. Often I want to share these images straight away and find it rather tedious transferring images from my phone to the computer for the sake of blogging. My blog then gets neglected because I end up having so many photos for so many blog posts.

So here goes my first ever mobile blog post! And here's a nice photo too, of a journal page I did recently.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

A New Beginning

Paisley and Brown Paper is my new blog about my new hobby, Art Journaling.  In October last year (2012), I discovered Art Journaling. I am an avid crafter, in general. I make jewellery and sell it on Etsy, but making and selling jewellery is something I do for other people. I need a hobby for myself. I had been passionate about drawing for many years, until I had my daughter (now 8 years old). Once she was born, I found I had very little time to immerse myself in my drawing, but I needed some kind of creative outlet, so I turned to making jewellery. It was after I had been pouring over Pinterest one night that I decided to try my hand at Art Journaling, and perhaps even re-igniting my passion for drawing.

So now, I start this blog in the hopes that you'll share my experiences in Art and Art Journaling. I am only a beginner at this and I'm discovering that there are so many different ways to express art on paper,  like Mail Art, Zentangles, Stamping, you name it. I'm very excited to dabble in all of it!

And now, a new journey begins....
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