Sunday, January 27, 2013

A New Beginning

Paisley and Brown Paper is my new blog about my new hobby, Art Journaling.  In October last year (2012), I discovered Art Journaling. I am an avid crafter, in general. I make jewellery and sell it on Etsy, but making and selling jewellery is something I do for other people. I need a hobby for myself. I had been passionate about drawing for many years, until I had my daughter (now 8 years old). Once she was born, I found I had very little time to immerse myself in my drawing, but I needed some kind of creative outlet, so I turned to making jewellery. It was after I had been pouring over Pinterest one night that I decided to try my hand at Art Journaling, and perhaps even re-igniting my passion for drawing.

So now, I start this blog in the hopes that you'll share my experiences in Art and Art Journaling. I am only a beginner at this and I'm discovering that there are so many different ways to express art on paper,  like Mail Art, Zentangles, Stamping, you name it. I'm very excited to dabble in all of it!

And now, a new journey begins....

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