Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A Happier Ending

You may remember a week or so ago I blogged about when things go pear shaped. My efforts to create a beautiful journal page were thwarted by one final stupid mistake, which resulted in my gessoing over the page (several times) to cover it all up. I learned, that day, that sometimes it's best to just leave things alone and that not everything needs to be finished in one day.

This week, I managed to salvage my page. When I sat down to work on it, things just seem to fall into place. In actual fact, I had been adding little bits here and there since that fateful day, but I found myself on a roll after a while and went with it.

So, after I had covered everything with Gesso, it didn't seem to be enough to cover the hideousness which lay beneath. I smeared Gel Medium all over the page and stuck down various bits of text from old books, stuff I had printed out, anything. Once that had dried, I added another thin layer of Gesso, just to add some tooth to whatever might happen next and also so you could still see text coming through. Then I left it for a couple of days. I found some Youtube videos on Image Transfer and thought something like that might look pretty cool on the page. After several failed attempts, I finally summoned up the courage to put one on my page. I did this process by printing an image, using an inkjet printer. Some may argue that this doesn't work, and that it must be a magazine image, a toner based image (from a photocopier) or a laser print image. An inkjet image worked fine for me. Anyway, I spread a layer of gel medium down on my journal page and placed my image face down over the top. Using a popsicle stick (because I don't own a bone folder), I scraped over the top of the image, firmly but not so hard as to rip the image. Then I pulled the image off the page. This was a bit messy and I was left with a half stuck down, shredded piece of paper, but after some gentle rubbing with my fingers, I was able to get rid of the excess paper and was left with a faded and grungy looking image, which was exactly what I wanted.

Again I walked away and left it for a day or so. When I came back to it, I had just purchased some new paint, so I began to add some browns to the edges and this is when everything started coming together. I added more printed text, I found my Washi Tapes, I added some collage butterflies, I added some stamping, and stenciling and finally, I thought that adding one of my Resin Papers would be just the thing to finish everything off. I was so happy with how it had all just fallen into place. I was even more pleased at the different elements I had included on the page. Collage, Image Transfer, Washi Tapes, Stamping, Stenciling and Resin Papers. This was a much happier ending indeed.


  1. I am glad you waited, this turned out to be such a lovely page!


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