Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Killing Time

This past weekend, my daughter came down with a tummy upset so we didn't end up doing a great deal at all. As we spent a lot of time being quiet and taking it a little easy, I dragged out my watercolour paints and filled a page with colourful squares. It's vibrant and playful colours brought a smile to my daughters face.

The following day, I decided to add lots of doodles to the squares, first drawing them in black fineliner then going over the top with my white Signo pen. Neither of the pens cooperated with the watercolour background very well. My pan paints must be a little too chalky so my pens dried out very quickly. Overall, I'm still happy with how it turned out.


  1. I think this is so awesome! I did a 'test' page in one of my art journals, so that I'd know what my watercolors looked like actually on paper and what they looked like with just a little water vs. very watery...now I am totally going to do it again and make one like this! And hang it on my wall, so I don't have to keep flipping back to that page for reference! You have THE BEST ideas ever! I'm always excited to try new things when I visit your blog!

    1. Aaaaaw, thanks Sweet Red! That's very sweet of you. I might try the little watery vs very watery thing too.


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