Monday, May 20, 2013

For Sale!

Well! I finally took a plunge and decided to sell some of my hand made books. I've gotta start somewhere right? So, right now, on my Facebook page, I have posted some photos of the little notebooks and journals I currently have for sale. Hopefully proceeds from these books will pay for some much needed tools and supplies needed to make more books. This is a venture I'm really hoping will do well. We shall just have to see...

Some cute little Japanese Washi Paper covered Notebooks

A beautiful Japanese Washi Paper covered Journal. This is a Japanese Stab Binding

If you would like to purchase, or even just have a look at some of the hand made books available, please pop over to Paisley and Brown Paper on Facebook. I'd love your feedback!

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!


  1. very nice! and what a coincidence, I just started selling handmade books too, and just blogged about it today :) I'm still trying out different stitching styles, stab binding looks great!


    1. Thanks for visiting my blog Juni! I hope your book sales do well. I've visited your blog and they are very beautiful.

  2. Beautiful work! Liked you on fb:) Found you via Etsy's Blog Team!

  3. Wonderful! Wishing you many sales!!!


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