Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Recent Adventures

Time really does escape me lately. I can't believe that in just a few days it's going to be my 40th birthday! I'm pretty excited. I'm a no fuss kinda gal, so I'm not doing anything extravagant. My days of going over the top are well and truly over! Anyway, in the lead up to this life event, I have been a little bit busy but I thought I would quickly post my recent adventures in art.

I love writing lists. My mind has been racing with ideas lately so I thought I would write them down. But I don't just write lists like regular people! I decided to create an entire cover page for my list of ideas and I've already doodled (not written) some ideas within. I figured it would be fun to make an art journal of ideas!

This is a doodle based on a pattern I saw on a skirt outside a thrift shop recently. I'd like to buy the skirt so I can repurpose it, but I have no idea how to use a sewing machine. Isn't that awful?

And lastly, my little owl doodle. We recently went on an overnight camping trip. Well, let's say a 'glamping' trip as accommodations were rather glamorous! I took my doodle book and pencil case and squeezed in a little art time when we weren't hiking through bush land. 

So, these are my adventures of late. I'm hoping to get a lot of creating done after my birthday celebrations so stay tuned and thanks for stopping by my blog today!


  1. Awesome artwork, Alison! I especially like the pattern adapted from the skirt...
    Very funny, that there's apparently another thing we have in common (besides almost same age kiddo) - the age! (my b'day was in August - and it was great) Welcome to the club, dearest :)
    Ha! - how about getting a sewing machine for your b'day?!?!? It's never too late to learn - I could send Felix over to teach - they learn sewing in school and he loves it.
    Anyway - have fun on you special day and enjoy list-making (I love doing that too)

    1. Aaaah! Jana! You just turned 40? I do remember wishing you a happy birthday, but I didn't know it was your 40th. It does appear we do in fact have lots in common! It's great that they teach the kids sewing at school. I didn't learn til I got to high school and unfortunately don't remember a thing! I might just invest in a sewing machine after all now! I've seen a cheapie on eBay that will be good to learn on. Thanks for visiting Jana! xxx


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