Saturday, December 7, 2013

The Long Awaited Gelli Print Post!

YES! Finally! I have procrastinated long enough and it is time to do the Gelli print blog post I have been promising for too long. I wanted to have this massive pile of wonderful prints for you to see and all the amazing things I had done with them. Truth is, I have been working on all sorts of various projects and I haven't done anything exciting with the small amount of prints that I have done. That doesn't mean I don't have awesome plans for them though! All the ideas get added to my Big Book of Ideas. Have I showed you my Big Book of Ideas yet? I can't remember...

Anyway, here are some photos of the prints I have done so far. I have just taken photos of the best bits of each print.

 I don't have many stencils. The bubble looking one I just bought recently and the leaves are just some wooden scrapbooking embellishments I found at the $2 store. The blue/green print has a little bit of Silks paint added to it, so it has a lovely shimmer to it.

These two are quite simply different coloured paints that haven't been brayered or mixed thoroughly.

I found a pack of cardboard letters at the $2 store and decided to make some words on the plate.

This was a clean up sheet. I'm not sure how the big white circle was created, but it looks kinda cool, I think.

My little stack of Gelli Prints so far.

Some index cards. I decided to have a go at using torn paper masks to section the colours.

At first, I found the Gelli Plate a little frustrating. I didn't know what to do, or how to layer colour so they complimented each other, or didn't turn to mud. I don't have a huge selection of paint colours or stencils, so I was a bit limited as to what colours I could use and what patterns I could create. After my first attempt using the plate I was quite happy with the results I had though. The second time I used it, I got a little more creative and used torn paper, bits of string, punchinella, and whatever else I could find lying around in my work room. The third time was when my 9 year old daughter wanted to have a go at it. She made some great little prints! To finish up that exercise, I just had a go at mixing basic colour on the plate and pulling prints from that without using stencils. 

So far, I've covered my Chocolate Box Journal (see post HERE), covered another cereal box journal that I'm (slowly) working on and plan to decorate some of the prints with doodles, maybe some collage and washi tape, or use them in some mail art. Who knows, the possibilities are endless!

Thank you for being so patient in waiting for this post! I hope it was worth the wait and I will be doing some more gelli prints very soon and getting creative with the prints I've already done. 


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