Sunday, December 14, 2014

A Stationery Addiction In Full Swing

It's no secret that I love stationery. Ever since I was a little girl. It must be in the blood, as both my Mum and my Dad love stationery. We used to live in a very rural area, so every Saturday morning, my Grandpa, Dad and I would go into town. They would often go to the pub for a drink and I would go rollerskating, but before that, we would go to the newsagency (paper store) and I would spend, what felt like hours, gazing at all the cute erasers and pens and swap cards (we are talking 1970's here folks, so they are now called trading cards). I would usually end up leaving with some new swap cards or an eraser and a small packet of lollies. And that's how it all began.

Ever since then, I've not been able to resist buying a pen here, a notebook there. Many of you know that I have an excessive amount of notebooks. I just love buying stationery! Recently, the addiction to stationery has become full swing. A friend and I started the Stationery Enablers group on Facebook and we will often text each other links back and forth over the course of an evening of the various stationery items we have found on the internet. Having a casual position in a stationery store is also fuel for my addiction too. And I love every minute of it. Knowing that there's so many others out there who share a love of stationery is loads of fun too! I used to think that it was just me who would pick up a new notebook and smell it's pages, or delight in the fact that adhesive tape now came in a range of gorgeous colours and patterns, or that the new range of pens at the store was just too good to be true and I would simply just have to buy a set. Don't even get me started on Kawaii stationery! So, I'm proud to admit that I have a full blown stationery addiction.

Before I leave you tonight, I might just add that something rather exciting will be happening very soon! Early in the new year in fact! I know you guys are going to love it and I'm finding it very hard to keep it a secret for very much longer, but you will just have to wait. At least for another few weeks, which isn't that long, really... I think I might just explode with excitement in the meantime!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

A New Look!

Last night I was poking around on here and thought I'd check out some new layouts. I decided I wanted a cleaner look so after some tinkering, I've come up with a fresh, new look for my blog!

What do you think? I'm pretty happy with it myself. :)

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Stationery Addicts Wanted!

Yesterday, a friend and I were gushing over some new stationery items she had found on the Internet. This is pretty common between both of us, sending images of amazing pens, planners and art supplies, and then encouraging (and enabling) each other to go ahead and buy them. You see, if you love stationery as much as we do, and I KNOW there are many of you out there who do, you'll understand that even if it's not 'needed', it is absolutely necessary that you have it as soon as possible. So that's why we started a little Facebook group called Stationery Enablers. Because we know you want that notebook, or planner, or set of art markets. And we say THAT'S OK.

We are extending the invitation for all you stationery addicts out there to come and join our little group and share images and links of some of the most amazing stationery items you have found (and or bought) and simply must have. Follow the link below and join us for some good fun stationery enabling!

Sunday, November 2, 2014

The Kraft-Tex Fabric Paper Experiment

I frequent Spotlight pretty often. I try to go once a week, but I could probably go more often if I had the opportunity (and the funds)! Recently, it was my birthday and I was lucky enough to get some birthday money, so of course I took myself off to Spotlight (and Kikki.K, but that's another story...). Whilst wandering the aisles, just wanting to buy everything I could get my hands on, I found something called Kraft-Tex Fabric Paper. It's like fabric, but it's paper, or it's like paper but it's fabric. I don't know how it works, but I do know that it's awesome. It's actually the same stuff that the tag on the back of your jeans is made of. You can paint it, stamp it, draw on it. You can sew it, or you can glue it. You can even put it through the washing machine and tumble dryer for a  distressed effect on your project. It's so versatile and there are loads of projects you can do with it. Although, finding tutorials or YouTube videos on how to make stuff is pretty tricky.

So, I saw on the information page that came with the roll that you could make a book cover with it. I tried to find information on how to do this, but to no avail, so I ended up just coming up with my own way of doing it.

I found an existing notebook (which wasn't difficult for me as many of you know that I'm a huge collector of notebooks), that had quite an unattractive cover. Now, this fabric paper stuff isn't cheap, and I might add that I made two failed (and expensive) attempts at this before 'somewhat' succeeding. Now, some of you also might know that I only recently bought myself a sewing machine and that all I've made on it is cushion covers and a drawstring bag! You can imagine how pleased I was with myself for finishing this. My sewing leaves a lot to be desired too, by the way, so please forgive the wonky stitching, and we won't be showing pictures of the back of this thing either! 0_o

Basically, I've slipped the covers of the existing book into pockets inside the cover, so when this notebook has been used up, I could slide another one in and keep using this cover. I found a catalogue from the Sydney Contemporary Museum of the Arts and used the cover to sit behind the little elephant which I simply stamped onto some scrap fabric paper, and then sewed the lot to the cover. I'm really pleased with how it turned out! I have a little bit of the fabric paper left, so I'd like to try a couple more book binding experiments with it. I might just write some of my ideas down in this little notebook! Perhaps I'll see if I can even come up with a tutorial for you on how I made this one? 

>>>Here's<<< a link to the YouTube video that will give you more information about Kraft-Tex Fabric Paper.

Friday, October 31, 2014

And Finally! Some Book Binding!

It seems like it's been ages since I did some book binding! After school holidays and getting side tracked with other projects, I've finally had an opportunity to sit down and bind a couple of books. 

This one will be a gift for my daughters school teacher this year. I've always given her teachers a hand made gift. I find hand made is always far more appreciated. I just need to design a book plate to go inside. I'm thinking of designing an eraser carved stamp so I can use it in all my books.

This one is destined for my Etsy store. It's a new technique I've tried by incorporating an Accordion style with a Coptic bind. I hope to post this in the store within the next few days.

I've got lots more ideas brewing with book binding. Leading up to the Christmas period though, I will probably be focusing on making Christmas gifts. Hopefully I'll be able to squeeze a few more items into the shop before then too!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Isn't It A Bit Warm For This?

It seems that I get time to blog when my daughter is at gymnastics this week. I should probably be watching her right now but they are sitting on mat having a discussion at the moment so that gives me time to post what I have been doing for the last week, even though I should have been working on book binding.

It's a bit warm for this at the moment, in Australia. We are half way through Spring and have had some scorching weather over the last few days, so that's a great reason to start a new crochet blanket, right? I swore I'd never make another one after the last blanket took two seasons of winter to finish. Oddly enough, I've done a lot more of my current blanket in a week than I thought I would! I think I'll make myself a nice cushion cover after this! I do love a nice cushion cover. 😉

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Hama Bead Madness!

School holidays doesn't give me much of an opportunity to get any of my art work done. There are too many distractions and I find it very hard to concentrate. Needless to say that even though I don't get to be creative on my terms, I do still get to be creative with my daughter and the crafts that she chooses to do.

A trip to Ikea one morning scored us a massive jar of Hama beads (also known as Perler beads) and a small assortment of plates to use. 

As soon as we got home, we searched Pinterest for ideas on patterns to create. So for the next two days, we spent hours upon hours making A LOT of designs! I'm still not very good at ironing the patterns once they're assembled, but Ill get there.

For the remainder of the holidays we have continued to play with the Hama beads and with no shortage of ideas on Pinterest, I think we'll be playing with Hama beads for quite a while! I find it quite relaxing really and it does kill a good many hours, especially when the weather isn't too great outside. School holidays end next week, so it'll be back to book binding again. I do love the holidays though. It's a great opportunity to not nag about getting ready for school and I enjoy the sleep ins!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Catching Up Again!

I'm mobile blogging tonight. My laptop is charging and I've just helped my daughter finish setting up her new blog so I figured a blog post from me is well overdue. If I don't do it right now and wait til my laptop has finished charging, I will forget, so here I am!

Apart from working a lot lately, a trip to Sydney for a week and organizing my daughters 10th birthday, I've been working more on some book binding projects for my Etsy store and experimenting with some new techniques as well, which I'm really excited about. 

This is a Coptic stitch binding with a bit of an Accordion technique added to it. This book was just a prototype but I'm working on another which will be added to my Etsy store very soon.

I also bought myself a sewing machine recently. I regret not paying attention in high school during sewing lessons and lately I've been keen on learning the basics and possibly incorporating sewing into some book binding projects. At this stage, however, I'm pretty addicted to making cushion covers. Haha!

So, this is what's kept me busy lately. I promise I will be back to regular blogging again (and I can see you all rolling your eyes right now because you've heard it so many times already). Stay tuned for more and, as always, thanks for stopping by my blog today. x

Monday, August 11, 2014

Huzzah! My New Mini Moo Cards!

A super quickie post today. I'm so excited to share that my gorgeous mini business cards from Moo arrived today! For years now, I've heard about how wonderful Moo business cards are, so a few weeks ago, I decided to finally go and see what all the fuss was about. I popped onto their website and started playing around with their templates and uploaded one of my designs. I had never really planned on going through with the order as I had heard that Moo cards were a bit on the pricey side, but I was pleasantly surprised to find it very very reasonable AND shipping was also very affordable!

Plus, they were shipped quickly and made it here (from the UK to Australia) in just a couple of weeks! Upon opening up the cute little box they were packaged in, I found the quality of the cards to be way better than any other business cards I had ordered from other printers. I couldn't be more impressed and I can't wait to start handing them out, and including them in orders! I would definitely recommend Moo if you are thinking of business cards. With so many gorgeous templates, you can customise them to include your own designs and they have a range if different styles and sizes to choose from too. Click HERE to check out their website!

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Brewing New Ideas

My head is always filled with new ideas. I write them down. Sometimes I obsess over new ideas, sometimes I realise that some ideas are just a little too ambitious. Either way, some creative idea is always brewing. It can drive my husband crazy too. I will bang on and on and on about an idea until he says, "If you just go and do it, will you stop talking about it?" Generally, the answer is yes. He's always been very supportive of my crazy ideas. He knows they make me happy.

So, in typical fashion, my brain has been working overtime on ideas. Ideas that I can hopefully put into action and I can list some of these things in my new Etsy store! At the moment, I have leather wrap bracelets and notebooks. I'm feeling a bit of a leather theme coming on. Leather wrap bracelets, leather cuff bracelets (including a bit of pyrography on the cuffs), leather bound journals (also including pyrography designs on the covers), more beaded leather wrap bracelets, plus more. As finance is usually the one thing that puts an end to many of my ideas, I have started to slowly gather supplies to start putting my ideas into fruition. SOURCING the supplies is especially tricky though. Especially leather. Everything is ridiculously expensive in Australia and also quite hard to find, unless you go online. There are certain things I need to be able to SEE before I buy it. For now, I've found some 'faux' leather that could be fun to work with, as it comes in such bright colours (and is cheaper than REAL leather) and I reckon I can make some very cute notebooks out of it. Stay tuned for those!

Our local Spotlight store had 40% off fabrics the other day, so I bought some canvas that I hope to prime (with gesso), paint and turn into some cute book covers as well. This is more of a personal art project. Some time ago, I posted about a pencil case I altered (see post HERE), and I'm hoping I can use the same, or similar, method on the canvas book covers. I'll keep you posted on that one. I'm planning on starting it this afternoon. I'm still in bed, so at this rate, it might not happen. Come on! It's Sunday, it's winter (but looks lovely and sunny out) and I'm warm under the blankets! But, yes, there is much to do, so I will be getting up......soon......

Oh! But before I go! I sold a bracelet in my shop last week! Woohoo! I knew making the move from Madeit to Etsy was a wise one... This is the bracelet I sold:

As I said, I'll try and start the canvas project this afternoon and I'll take some photos to post. So stay tuned and I'll be back soon! Thanks for stopping by! x

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Open For Business! New Etsy Store!

I've been contemplating leaving Madeit for a long time. It's a fabulous selling platform and over the years (with another business), I sold a lot of stuff on there, but it seems that numbers may have dwindled over time and it doesn't appear to get the traffic it used to. Maybe it was just me, I'm not sure, but I felt it was time to make some changes.

So, last night, I decided to pack up shop and move back to Etsy. Already I have seen traffic through the store and I'm really hopeful this will work.

Over the next few weeks I plan to list more items in the store. I have some new book designs and bracelet designs in the works, which will keep me out of mischief for a little while! So, pop over to my new Etsy Store and let me know what you think! I'd love to hear some of your feedback and suggestions!

Monday, July 14, 2014

I'm Still Here!

I really, truly am! Again, life has been busy. My muse wandered off, then she came back, then she wandered off again and brought the jewellery muse (who took off a couple of years ago) back with her. It's all been a little bit of a roller coaster! I have a new job too! It's just a casual position but it helps with some of the bills, and it also helps with those much needed art and craft supplies. So, with my new job, and working on all sorts of projects, my poor blog has, AGAIN, suffered and been neglected. In an effort to get back into the swing of things, I will give you this little image...

It's a DLP (Documented Life Project) page that I photographed just before finishing it and then I used a photo app (FatMumSlim's Little Moments app) on my phone to add the text.

I have so many projects that I have been working on (many unfinished), and lots of new ideas, that I will try and keep you up to date with them in future posts, so please stay tuned and I will do my absolute best to post again very, very soon. xxx

Monday, April 14, 2014

Where Did You Go?

Just a quick post today! It's been two months since I posted and it's not through lack of things to post about. Quite the opposite really. I've been keeping myself out of mischief doing all sorts of arty and crafty projects. My Calendar Challenge (which admittedly, I haven't done this month), the Documented Life Project, I've also been dabbling in a little bit of knitting and trying to teach myself how to garden, which is difficult because we live in a courtyard home with brick pavers for a back yard.

 Time just seems to have flown by very quickly of late.

So, now that the weather has cooled down (just a little), my muse seems to have wandered off. And although, as I said, I haven't been short of creative things to do, I find that my creativity has been a little lackluster. In previous years, this would have bothered me. I hate having a lull in creativity and when my muse would wander off, I would freak out and do nothing creative whatsoever. But this time is different. There isn't much of a desire to get the paints out and make a mess, but the creative spark is still there, just in different avenues. I'm thankful for that. My muse will come back when she's ready (probably spring) and bring lots of inspiration with her.

My daughter is on school holidays at the moment. I think we'll try our hands at making wet felted pods today. 

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Not Sure What To Call This Post... I'm just going to carry on. I've sat here for about half an hour wondering what title I can give this post and nothing springs to mind. The most important thing is that I actually have something to blog about, so does it really matter what title the post has? No? Well then, lets move on...

Here we have Week 6 of The Documented Life Project challenge. This week we were to open our Pinterest boards and and find inspiration. I could have chosen so many things from my boards. I lose myself for hours on Pinterest, but I ended up choosing my Teresa McFayden's Neon Forest as my inspiration. She does the most amazing art and I just loved how the colour popped in this piece. If you want to see more of Teresa's artwork, HERE is a link to her website. You can check out my Pinterest account HERE.

I'm still keeping up with the Calendar Challenge 2014. This months theme is Patterns and I'm finding it a lot less tedious than last month. Painting each square in January was a long process and time consuming, so I'm really enjoying this month!

My current lady face. I'm trying a different approach this time. So far, all I've done since this image is paint the skin tone. I'm trying to keep up with all my projects and seem to be doing alright at it, so I'll come back to this one soon. Stay tuned!

And I finally finished my Quirky Bird on the canvas! I have another bird to do now and I'm also doing a journal page layout of the two birds as well. I'd like to frame the canvases and perhaps put them up in my daughters bedroom. She's not opposed to that idea at all. Lol

So, that wraps up this weeks activities. OH! Except for the awesome new Kikki.K planner I recently bought (and convinced a friend to buy as well). So now I'm completely in love with my new planner and I'll tell you all about that in my next post. ;)

Friday, January 31, 2014

End Of The Month Round Up

I can't believe it's the end of January already! I swear, it's going to be Christmas time before I know it and I still won't be ready for it. Needless to say, it's been a very busy and productive month! So here is my round up for January:

This is my Documented Life challenge for Week 5. The task was to doodle a border in our planner. I may have gone a little off topic, but as someone pointed out, there is a doodled border in there, so I can't have bent the rules too much. I do have to say I'm a little unhappy with her eyes. They are a bit too close together, but I did rush her a little bit... She's done with acrylic paint and Derwent Artist pencils, the border is done with graphite pencil an pigment pen.

And this is my finished Quirky Bird from Tam Laporte's workshop. I have started to set up an 8"x8" canvas to do another one, and I'll also be doing a couple of them in my new journal! Yay! This little guy has been created with Dylusions spray inks, Silks Acrylic paint, regular acrylic, Derwent Inktense pencils, Letraset Aqua markers and Posca pens.

And last, but not least, I know some of you have been pretty curious as to how my Calendar Challenge 2014 has been going. Well, January is done and dusted! The theme for the month (not that I initially had set a theme, it just turned out that way), was to portray a snippet of my day using acrylic paint and Posca pens. I can't paint that well, especially tiny things, so it was a bit challenging! February will be a month of little doodles, so that should be fun! I do hope you'll pop back in during the month to check out the progress and also to see what other arty adventures I get up to!

Thanks for stopping by! x

Thursday, January 23, 2014

My Pencil Case Is Too Small... I found a bigger one! The problem was, I didn't like the design on it.

I have a million pencils, markers, pens, erasers, you name it, on my work desk. I also have a selection of bits and bobs in a pencil case that I use when I'm not in my workroom. It's got everything I could need. A small ruler, protractor (I haven't used it yet, nor will I probably, but the day I take it out, I'll need it), a compass, a kneadable eraser, scissors, assorted pencils, pens and markers, etc. Well, I added some more pens to it the other day and realised there was just no more room! Rather than buy a new one (because, between my 9yo daughter and I, there are enough pencil cases in this house to supply a class room), I hunted down an old one I wasn't using anymore, you know, one of those old tartan jobbies. So, instead of getting on with my Documented Life Project challenge, I decided to cover the whole pencil case with gesso and paint a whole new design on it.

I'm really sorry, but I don't have an image of the pencil case that just has the paint on it. I just started doodling and then realised that I hadn't taken a photo. But basically, while I was waiting for the gesso to dry on the pencil case, I continued on with my DLP challenge. Now, to get a little sidetracked, I was quite happy with how my DLP was working out (after much frustration at the beginning), so I decided to implement the same technique onto my pencil case. 

This is the end result of my Document Life Project challenge. I decided to use this technique on my pencil case.

So, after using acrylic paint to do the background, I then used my Posca paint pens to doodle over the top.

And now, for the finished result!

What do you think? At this point, I have only finished one side of the pencil case. I aim to finish the rest over the weekend and then I will transfer all the contents of my old pencil case into my new snazzy one! I'm not sure whether to go over it with the iron to heat set the paint or not, as I didn't use a fabric medium with the acrylic. A friend is sending me some from her stash which I will be using on an old canvas bag, but it hasn't arrived yet, and I was curious how working with paint on a pencil case would work. I shall try and post an image when it's all done though. In the meantime, thanks so much for stopping by my blog today! xxx

Monday, January 20, 2014

Catching Up!

I always bite off more than I can chew when it comes to art. Could that be a good thing? I'm not sure... It's NOT such a good thing when I can't keep up with my projects on a day to day basis, but it IS a good thing that I'm constantly inspired enough to have so many projects on the go. Needless to say, with all the artsy stuff, my blog gets neglected and although I have loads to blog about, I run out of time to do it and end up with this giant backlog of stuff to blog about! So, in order to catch up on events, I'm going to post a bunch of pictures for you, of my recent adventures in art, with a quick blurb on what it's all about. First cab off the rank is:

My "Roots" Journal. I'm currently taking part in Kristal Norton's ROOTS e-course which is proving to be very good fun and quite liberating, in the sense that she is encouraging us to just let go of our inhibitions and not be afraid to just create without fear of failure. In week one, we prepped our journals to get started. I haven't quite finished the prep work yet though...

I have another journal that I work in sometimes. Most of the time, I just smear my left over paint in it, then eventually get around to trying to work with the page. I had made a few back grounds some time ago and never went back to them because I didn't know what to do with them. Finally inspiration struck and I did this. Not my finest page, but fun to do, nevertheless.

I decided to start doing a little workshop by Tamara Laporte called Quirky Birds. It's a segment from last years Life Book (2013) that proved to be one of the most popular. So she's offered it to everyone now and for a very reasonable price too! I made a start on my birdies background today. I battled a little bit, but, as usual, I made a final mistake, where I thought I had completely ruined everything, and it turned out to be exactly what the background needed. I shall post again when my quirky bird is complete!

Of course, we can't forget Week 3 of The Documented Life Project! The challenge was to use an envelope from our letter box. I didn't want to use some boring old bill envelope, so a friend and I decided to send each other a partially decorated envelope with some goodies inside to help finish the challenge. I got some lovely pieces of ephemera from my friend, and also used a few pieces from some more happy mail I had received that week from another friend. As a rule, I want to make everything that goes into my planner, from this year, 2014. So, I'm really pleased with how this one turned out! Now to get started on Week 4!

Well, this image is a lot smaller than I anticipated, but here she is! I gave you a sneak peek of her lovely eye last week and now she is complete. For this lovely lady, I used acrylic paint, Derwent Artist coloured pencils, and Gelatos. I had used a page from an old telephone book for her hair, but I didn't realise that the paint I was using was so heavy bodied and it completely covered up the writing. I'm still learning to do faces so this is all just part of the learning curve. Overall, I'm happy with how she turned out and I'm keen to do more!

So, that's a round up of what's been going on this last week. I have a mountain of other stuff sitting on my workbench to get through. I'm still doing my Calendar Challenge every day too and I will post some images of that at months end. In the meantime, I'll keep you up to date with more arty adventures, so as I always like to say, STAY TUNED and thanks for visiting my blog today!

Friday, January 10, 2014

Documenting Life and Other Stuff

As many of you know, I am taking part in The Documented Life Project (see post HERE for more details) and it's proving to be a lot of fun! So far we have had two challenges. Week One was to incorporate the front door to our homes in our planners. There are some truly talented people within the Facebook group and it was great to see the many interpretations of everyone's front doors. We have quite a boring front door, and at first I struggled with the challenge. Finally, I decided to do my interpretation of our front door and to portray the kind of life behind the front door. By sketching out my door, painting it blue and having a bright, paint splotchy background, I'm pretty confident I got my point across.

The second week was to incorporate a selfie into our planners, a challenge that, I know, took many of us out of our comfort zones. Most of us like to remain behind the camera! Maybe if I was still in my 20's, I'd be happy to pull the old 'duck face' in front of my phone! However, with the hundreds of filter apps available on smart phones these days, I was confident I could filter the cr@p out of my photo to suit my needs. Some of you may know I'm not good with colour (although, I seem to be getting a little better of late), so I stuck to muted tones for this one. I did want to add a splash of colour, but the layout I had wasn't really calling for it, so I just went with what I was comfortable with. Again, I think I did a fairly accurate representation of myself. Grungy, yet feminine. I'm looking forward to Week Three's challenge now!

Many of you have been inquiring about my Calendar Challenge. I have been keeping up with it, every day too! I shall post a complete months photo at the end of January, but for those of you who requested to see more, here's what's been going on so far...

I've also been curious to learn how to do these beautiful faces I see so many ladies do. I was never into doing faces, but recently I've found myself very intrigued with them. Especially the faces and girls that Suzi Blu and Jane Davenport do. So, I've been practicing a little in a little Moleskine book. I started off with just grey pencil sketching and shading, then moved onto a colour pencil version and my most recent is more of a mixed media version. She isn't finished yet, but I was working on her eyes today, so I thought I would post a close up shot. When she's all done, I'll post a full image of her.

And that's what's kept me out of mischief this past week or so! As always, thank you all so much for stopping by my blog and I hope to see you back here again soon!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year 2014!

Happy New Year everyone! It's the start of a new year and I am PUMPED to get my art on this year! I have got so many plans (all of which are noted in my Big Book of Ideas) and I hope that you have all got many creative plans for your year also. I can already tell that this is going to be a very exciting 2014!

Firstly, I am very excited to be taking part in The Documented Life Project. This is a project organised by Roben-Marie Smith, Lorraine Bell, Rae Missigman, Sandi Keene and Barbara Moore. The object of this project is to document your entire year in one massively pimped out planner! Each week there will be a challenge and other creative ideas to put into our planners. News of the project has spread like wildfire and the organisers have had an overwhelming response. I've even convinced one of my friends to join in! You can find out more about The Documented Life Project HERE and join the Facebook Group HERE! I've added a few images of the Moleskine planner I have prepared for the project for you:

It's so fat and chunky! I just love it! Filled with Washi tape, gelli prints, water colour paper, sketch paper, graph paper, vellum and kraft paper! I even included a pen holder for it!

I've also given myself a challenge for the year, that I've simply called Calendar Challenge 2014. The idea is to fill in a calendar space every day, with a doodle, painting, collage, writing, anything, for the entire year! Here is todays first image!

So, over the next few days I'll post some more images of The Documented Life Project and some more images of my Calendar Challenge. I'm also excited to be taking part in Kristal Norton's ROOTS e-course, which begins on January 12th. I was lucky enough to win a spot in the course, so I'm really looking forward to it! Pop on over to Kristal's website to find out more information as there's still time to sign up!

I'm keeping it short and sweet today. Thank you so much for stopping by. I hope you all had fabulous celebrations to see in the new year and aren't suffering too much as a result! And I also hope that 2014 brings you everything you hoped for an more. xxx

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