Saturday, August 2, 2014

Brewing New Ideas

My head is always filled with new ideas. I write them down. Sometimes I obsess over new ideas, sometimes I realise that some ideas are just a little too ambitious. Either way, some creative idea is always brewing. It can drive my husband crazy too. I will bang on and on and on about an idea until he says, "If you just go and do it, will you stop talking about it?" Generally, the answer is yes. He's always been very supportive of my crazy ideas. He knows they make me happy.

So, in typical fashion, my brain has been working overtime on ideas. Ideas that I can hopefully put into action and I can list some of these things in my new Etsy store! At the moment, I have leather wrap bracelets and notebooks. I'm feeling a bit of a leather theme coming on. Leather wrap bracelets, leather cuff bracelets (including a bit of pyrography on the cuffs), leather bound journals (also including pyrography designs on the covers), more beaded leather wrap bracelets, plus more. As finance is usually the one thing that puts an end to many of my ideas, I have started to slowly gather supplies to start putting my ideas into fruition. SOURCING the supplies is especially tricky though. Especially leather. Everything is ridiculously expensive in Australia and also quite hard to find, unless you go online. There are certain things I need to be able to SEE before I buy it. For now, I've found some 'faux' leather that could be fun to work with, as it comes in such bright colours (and is cheaper than REAL leather) and I reckon I can make some very cute notebooks out of it. Stay tuned for those!

Our local Spotlight store had 40% off fabrics the other day, so I bought some canvas that I hope to prime (with gesso), paint and turn into some cute book covers as well. This is more of a personal art project. Some time ago, I posted about a pencil case I altered (see post HERE), and I'm hoping I can use the same, or similar, method on the canvas book covers. I'll keep you posted on that one. I'm planning on starting it this afternoon. I'm still in bed, so at this rate, it might not happen. Come on! It's Sunday, it's winter (but looks lovely and sunny out) and I'm warm under the blankets! But, yes, there is much to do, so I will be getting up......soon......

Oh! But before I go! I sold a bracelet in my shop last week! Woohoo! I knew making the move from Madeit to Etsy was a wise one... This is the bracelet I sold:

As I said, I'll try and start the canvas project this afternoon and I'll take some photos to post. So stay tuned and I'll be back soon! Thanks for stopping by! x


  1. Lovely colourful design! Like you I write my ideas down and like to experiment with ideas! It made me smile, as I was reading you drive your hubby crazy with that. Sounds so familiar! LOL

    1. Thank you! I have a book with soooo many ideas in it. I'll go back and rediscover ones I had forgotten all about too. I love your Etsy store!


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