Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Isn't It A Bit Warm For This?

It seems that I get time to blog when my daughter is at gymnastics this week. I should probably be watching her right now but they are sitting on mat having a discussion at the moment so that gives me time to post what I have been doing for the last week, even though I should have been working on book binding.

It's a bit warm for this at the moment, in Australia. We are half way through Spring and have had some scorching weather over the last few days, so that's a great reason to start a new crochet blanket, right? I swore I'd never make another one after the last blanket took two seasons of winter to finish. Oddly enough, I've done a lot more of my current blanket in a week than I thought I would! I think I'll make myself a nice cushion cover after this! I do love a nice cushion cover. 😉


  1. I can sympathise with this. I've been crocheting scarves all summer here in the UK and now we're heading for winter I can't seem to find the time. Love your combination of teal and greys.

    1. Thank you! I'm happy with the colours too, adding a splash of yellow to the mix. At least now you've crocheted your scarves, you don't need to find time to to make more this winter! ;)

  2. love the colour combo!


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