Saturday, November 22, 2014

A New Look!

Last night I was poking around on here and thought I'd check out some new layouts. I decided I wanted a cleaner look so after some tinkering, I've come up with a fresh, new look for my blog!

What do you think? I'm pretty happy with it myself. :)

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Stationery Addicts Wanted!

Yesterday, a friend and I were gushing over some new stationery items she had found on the Internet. This is pretty common between both of us, sending images of amazing pens, planners and art supplies, and then encouraging (and enabling) each other to go ahead and buy them. You see, if you love stationery as much as we do, and I KNOW there are many of you out there who do, you'll understand that even if it's not 'needed', it is absolutely necessary that you have it as soon as possible. So that's why we started a little Facebook group called Stationery Enablers. Because we know you want that notebook, or planner, or set of art markets. And we say THAT'S OK.

We are extending the invitation for all you stationery addicts out there to come and join our little group and share images and links of some of the most amazing stationery items you have found (and or bought) and simply must have. Follow the link below and join us for some good fun stationery enabling!

Sunday, November 2, 2014

The Kraft-Tex Fabric Paper Experiment

I frequent Spotlight pretty often. I try to go once a week, but I could probably go more often if I had the opportunity (and the funds)! Recently, it was my birthday and I was lucky enough to get some birthday money, so of course I took myself off to Spotlight (and Kikki.K, but that's another story...). Whilst wandering the aisles, just wanting to buy everything I could get my hands on, I found something called Kraft-Tex Fabric Paper. It's like fabric, but it's paper, or it's like paper but it's fabric. I don't know how it works, but I do know that it's awesome. It's actually the same stuff that the tag on the back of your jeans is made of. You can paint it, stamp it, draw on it. You can sew it, or you can glue it. You can even put it through the washing machine and tumble dryer for a  distressed effect on your project. It's so versatile and there are loads of projects you can do with it. Although, finding tutorials or YouTube videos on how to make stuff is pretty tricky.

So, I saw on the information page that came with the roll that you could make a book cover with it. I tried to find information on how to do this, but to no avail, so I ended up just coming up with my own way of doing it.

I found an existing notebook (which wasn't difficult for me as many of you know that I'm a huge collector of notebooks), that had quite an unattractive cover. Now, this fabric paper stuff isn't cheap, and I might add that I made two failed (and expensive) attempts at this before 'somewhat' succeeding. Now, some of you also might know that I only recently bought myself a sewing machine and that all I've made on it is cushion covers and a drawstring bag! You can imagine how pleased I was with myself for finishing this. My sewing leaves a lot to be desired too, by the way, so please forgive the wonky stitching, and we won't be showing pictures of the back of this thing either! 0_o

Basically, I've slipped the covers of the existing book into pockets inside the cover, so when this notebook has been used up, I could slide another one in and keep using this cover. I found a catalogue from the Sydney Contemporary Museum of the Arts and used the cover to sit behind the little elephant which I simply stamped onto some scrap fabric paper, and then sewed the lot to the cover. I'm really pleased with how it turned out! I have a little bit of the fabric paper left, so I'd like to try a couple more book binding experiments with it. I might just write some of my ideas down in this little notebook! Perhaps I'll see if I can even come up with a tutorial for you on how I made this one? 

>>>Here's<<< a link to the YouTube video that will give you more information about Kraft-Tex Fabric Paper.

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