Thursday, December 3, 2015

Color For Clarity FREE eBook!

This is just a quick post today to you all know that if you purchase a copy of the Color For Clarity colouring book before Jan 1st 2016, you will receive a FREE eBook as our way of saying thank you for your support! Inside are some EXCLUSIVE colouring in pages that are not featured in the book, plus some amazing resources to help you keep your creativity flowing. For those who have already purchased a copy of the book, you have not missed out! Just email a copy of your receipt (or any proof of purchase of the book) to and a copy of the eBook will be emailed out to you! Copies of the book are available here:

Friday, November 20, 2015

It's Giveaway Time!

Just a quick post tonight to let you guys know that I'm holding a giveaway on my Facebook AND Instagram accounts! To celebrate the release of Color For Clarity on Amazon, I will be giving away TWO copies of the colouring book!

To be in it to win it, all you need to do is head over to my Facebook page OR hop onto my Instagram and follow the prompts! I'll also leave the details here for you, so you can have a bit of a heads up on what to do.

TO ENTER, all you need to do is:
1. Follow my Facebook and/or Instagram (@paisleyandbrownpaper) accounts.
2. FACEBOOK ENTRY: Repost this PUBLICLY on your Facebook account and tag Paisley and Brown Paper in it, so I can see that you have reposted and your entry can be counted. **Some of you have mentioned that you are unable to tag me. As long as your Share is made PUBLIC, I should be able to see that you have shared it. Please comment below if you are having problems**
3. INSTAGRAM ENTRY: Go to my Instagram account and find this image. Repost to your account using the hashtag ‪#‎paisleyandbpgiveaway‬ and tag me in your post.
***Entries are open until midnight Friday November 27th and will be announced on Monday 30th November***

Hope you guys have fun with this! I can't wait to announce a winner!

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Color For Clarity is FINALLY Here!

I can't believe this is really happening! After months of designing and collaborating, and waiting, the colouring book we have all worked so hard on to create has finally been published! I still haven't received my copies, so I haven't even seen what it all looks like inside. I can't begin to tell you how excited I am to see it. For now, it really does seem so surreal!

Color For Clarity is a colouring book designed to encourage us to stop, stay present and listen to what is going on around us, and more importantly within us. Inside the book, you will find 50 pages of beautifully designed colouring pages, all with a word, question or quote, for you to focus and meditate on while you colour.

Here, is a small peek at some of the beautiful pages you will find within, and also one of my designs that the gorgeous Kristal Norton has coloured in herself!

 The book is available on Amazon, and you can order your copy by clicking HERE! This is a perfect gift for Christmas! And remember, when you get your copy, don't forget to share your colouring in on Instagram and use #colorforclarity to tag it so we can see it!

You can see more of my work on Facebook and Instagram!

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Color For Clarity!

This is a couple of weeks overdue, but it's something I am still really excited to share with all of you. Those of you who follow my Facebook page will already be in the loop. And, yes, as pretty much ALL of you know, I am still holding the title for World's Worst Blogger....

So anyway! A few months ago, the gorgeous Kristal Norton invited me to collaborate with herself, and some other amazing artists, to create a new colouring book she would be publishing in November, called Color For Clarity (Not Perfection). With the current trend in coloring books, I thought this would be an amazing opportunity and absolutely jumped at the chance to feature in one. Kristal hopes to take our colouring in experience just a little bit further though and says,

"What if, instead of just zoning out to relax when you color, you let your mind explore and expand on one small topic? What kind of clarity or wisdom would you receive if you allowed yourself the time for creative mindful exploration?"

©Kristal Norton - Read more at:

This is something we have all worked hard on over the last few months and I believe we have all created some fabulous pages that we truly hope you will enjoy colouring in. For you to find out even more about the colouring book, stay up to date with all the current details and find out information about all the artists involved, click on the image (or link) below!

Click HERE to go to website!

For the time being, here are a couple of images I can share with you. Just a couple of sneaky peeks of my contributions for you to enjoy! I really hope you'll pop over to Kristal's website and sign yourself up. I'm absolutely bursting with excitement for it's release, and to finally see all our hard work published!

So, please stay tuned for the November release of Color For Clarity. Between now and the release, I will also try to keep you updated on events, and possibly post a couple more sneak peek images of some of my designs for the book.

And thank you for stopping by my blog today! 

Monday, September 21, 2015

Blog Neglect, Episode 327

Welcome back to another episode of blogging neglect. A never ending saga for me it would seem. It's not that I don't care about my blog, I just don't blog if I haven't got anything exciting to tell you. Ok, so I haven't got anything exciting to tell you..... Not at the moment anyway, but I will very soon. I've been tormenting Facebook followers with this for a few weeks now, and I can assure you that by the end of this week, I should be able to make my announcement! Finally!

So, this is my blogging come back. I hope. It's my umpteenth attempt to stop neglecting my blog. Granted, I have been pretty busy. I have a job now which I am absolutely loving! Surrounded by awesome stationery every day, it's hard to not spend most of my wage there. However, working so much has not given me much of an opportunity to be very creative. That kind of drives me a tiny bit crazy. I go a little bit kooky if I can't be creative so it gets a little frustrating. Then, on my days off when all I want to do is craft or draw, I feel that I should be spending that time with my daughter. Luckily, we can spend that time together being creative so it does work out well for both of us. So, apart from being busy busy busy, life is all good.

And in closing tonight (yes, a short one tonight, as my husband has just brought in some chocolate for me), I shall leave you with an image of my new Instagram details. And the promise that I will blog again soon, as I still have that exciting news to share!

And thanks for stopping by my blog today! x

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Busy Times Ahead!

Ok! So, it's been just over a month since we opened Red Lemon Supplies on Etsy and we can't begin to express how exciting it has been so far! We've had a few sales which is very encouraging and we are trying to promote the store as much as possible to get as much exposure as we can. We've also been including some of our own handmade goodies too. I have been making Midori Traveler's Notebook Inserts and my partner in crime has been making some of the cutest little Magnetic Page Markers. Since we have been spending a lot of time working on and decorating our Planners and Midori/Fauxdori Travelers Notebooks, we have been researching the things that other folks have been using in their own planners and travelers notebooks and we are hoping to provide those things to them by creating said items!

We've also been busy finding some more of the cutest stationery accessories we can find and will be ordering more soon to replenish the shelves in the shop. The feedback we have been getting has been fantastic and we are looking forward to bringing you all some more exciting goodies very soon.

So, apart from working at my day job and focusing most of my energies into the new Red Lemon shop, Paisley and Brown Paper has been a little neglected (There's that word again. It's become a regular word in my blog posts recently). And although the Paisley shop on Etsy has been feeling a little unloved, I've still been making the books. I'm just listing the somewhere else. At this stage however, Red Lemon Supplies seems to be the best place for them as the traffic to our store has proven that this is what people are looking for. We hope to include some other handmade goodies soon too!

In the meantime, thanks for visiting my blog today. Do pop over to the Red Lemon Store on Etsy and drop me a line back on the blog to let me know what you think!

Monday, February 9, 2015

Exciting Adventures and a New Direction!

Ok, so it's February. I haven't blogged since December, possibly even November. You guys know I'm the worst at blogging, and despite my efforts to tell myself I'll get better at it, I never do. Buy hey! Why blog when I haven't got anything exciting to tell you? And that's what brings me here today. I have exciting news!

You may remember me saying in a previous post that my stationery addiction was in full swing! Couldn't resist buying the notebook, or the pen, or the cute sticky note set! And I wasn't alone with my addiction, having a friend who was just as obsessed with stationery as I. We enabled each other to buy stuff, then thought it was only fair to enable others to do the same. We knew there were others out there just like us, so we decided to start the Stationery Enablers group on Facebook. THEN, we decided to take it one step further. Late last year (2014), we decided that opening our own little stationery supplies store on Etsy would be a fun idea. So,over the last few months, we have been gathering some of the cutest Japanese stationery and accessories we can find and preparing everything for the store. And we finally opened it on Sunday! There are only a few things listed at the moment. Both of us still have our day jobs, so photographing stock and listing things needs to be done in the little spare time that we have. But the intention is to list a new product every few days.

How Paisley and Brown Paper will be involved in this project is that I will continue to make my handmade books and list them on Red Lemon as we think they will be ideal for the store! I'm so excited about all of this I could just explode!

We have created a bunch of whole new social media platforms to promote ourselves on, so now the hard work begins to spread the word! We would absolutely love for you to pop over and check out the new shop and I'll list all the links to the new social medias below also. Just click on each link to take you right there.

A Facebook page will be coming soon. We are juggling all sorts of things at the moment, but as soon as it is all set up, I'll edit the post to include the link. In the meantime, pop over! Like, follow, be a part of our new and exciting adventure. We'd love for you to all be a part!

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