Monday, February 9, 2015

Exciting Adventures and a New Direction!

Ok, so it's February. I haven't blogged since December, possibly even November. You guys know I'm the worst at blogging, and despite my efforts to tell myself I'll get better at it, I never do. Buy hey! Why blog when I haven't got anything exciting to tell you? And that's what brings me here today. I have exciting news!

You may remember me saying in a previous post that my stationery addiction was in full swing! Couldn't resist buying the notebook, or the pen, or the cute sticky note set! And I wasn't alone with my addiction, having a friend who was just as obsessed with stationery as I. We enabled each other to buy stuff, then thought it was only fair to enable others to do the same. We knew there were others out there just like us, so we decided to start the Stationery Enablers group on Facebook. THEN, we decided to take it one step further. Late last year (2014), we decided that opening our own little stationery supplies store on Etsy would be a fun idea. So,over the last few months, we have been gathering some of the cutest Japanese stationery and accessories we can find and preparing everything for the store. And we finally opened it on Sunday! There are only a few things listed at the moment. Both of us still have our day jobs, so photographing stock and listing things needs to be done in the little spare time that we have. But the intention is to list a new product every few days.

How Paisley and Brown Paper will be involved in this project is that I will continue to make my handmade books and list them on Red Lemon as we think they will be ideal for the store! I'm so excited about all of this I could just explode!

We have created a bunch of whole new social media platforms to promote ourselves on, so now the hard work begins to spread the word! We would absolutely love for you to pop over and check out the new shop and I'll list all the links to the new social medias below also. Just click on each link to take you right there.

A Facebook page will be coming soon. We are juggling all sorts of things at the moment, but as soon as it is all set up, I'll edit the post to include the link. In the meantime, pop over! Like, follow, be a part of our new and exciting adventure. We'd love for you to all be a part!


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