Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Color For Clarity!

This is a couple of weeks overdue, but it's something I am still really excited to share with all of you. Those of you who follow my Facebook page will already be in the loop. And, yes, as pretty much ALL of you know, I am still holding the title for World's Worst Blogger....

So anyway! A few months ago, the gorgeous Kristal Norton invited me to collaborate with herself, and some other amazing artists, to create a new colouring book she would be publishing in November, called Color For Clarity (Not Perfection). With the current trend in coloring books, I thought this would be an amazing opportunity and absolutely jumped at the chance to feature in one. Kristal hopes to take our colouring in experience just a little bit further though and says,

"What if, instead of just zoning out to relax when you color, you let your mind explore and expand on one small topic? What kind of clarity or wisdom would you receive if you allowed yourself the time for creative mindful exploration?"

©Kristal Norton - Read more at: http://kristalnorton.com/blog/

This is something we have all worked hard on over the last few months and I believe we have all created some fabulous pages that we truly hope you will enjoy colouring in. For you to find out even more about the colouring book, stay up to date with all the current details and find out information about all the artists involved, click on the image (or link) below!

Click HERE to go to website!

For the time being, here are a couple of images I can share with you. Just a couple of sneaky peeks of my contributions for you to enjoy! I really hope you'll pop over to Kristal's website and sign yourself up. I'm absolutely bursting with excitement for it's release, and to finally see all our hard work published!

So, please stay tuned for the November release of Color For Clarity. Between now and the release, I will also try to keep you updated on events, and possibly post a couple more sneak peek images of some of my designs for the book.

And thank you for stopping by my blog today! 

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