Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Hanging Macrame Crystal Ball

To try and get into the habit of blogging again, I'm going to post little blogs on my creative happenings. I figure that if I do this regularly, whether it be posting shirt blogs or just some imagery, I'll get better at this blogging thing. So, today I thought I'd post about the little macrame crystal ball I made on the weekend. I actually made one of these a couple of years ago using a tumbled gemstone and have always wanted to make more. I remembered a stash of small crystal balls and gemstones my mum gave me years ago, so I pulled them out, along with my hemp cord and sat down to work!

I had a lot of fun making this! I could use a bit more practice, so I have a couple more crystal balls I can use, and a large stash of tumbled gem stones I can use. I am hoping I can make some more on my next day off work (yes, I have a day job. I can only wish that my creativity could earn me a decent living. 😜 Lol!) I'd also like to have a go at making a bracelet like this too. I shall certainly post photos of the process too!

But, as I promised my daughter, we will be making bath bombs this weekend. I bought all the supplies today. Probably cheaper just to buy the bath bombs from Lush, but I'm looking forward to the creative process and hanging out with my daughter! Again, I will post images of our crafternoon together! I'm really looking forward to it!

So, what was meant to be a short post has turned into quite a lengthy one. On that note, I shall sign off for now, but thank you for stopping by my blog today! x

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