Tuesday, March 15, 2016

My New YouTube Channel!

Last week I was messing about on YouTube. I bought a clamp thingy on eBay a couple of weeks ago for my daughter so she could use her iPod to film stuff, and I ended up having a test run while she was at school one day. I have to say, I have A LOT to learn about making YouTube videos, but for a first try, I think I did ok. So, I filmed a little three part series on time lapse of me painting a small wooden canister. Kikki.k have some beautiful new home wares in store at the moment, including these beautiful wooden canisters, and I just HAD to buy a couple of them. Immediately I just saw a blank canvas and an opportunity to paint a gorgeous mandala on them. I obviously filmed it in time lapse as it took several hours for me to finish the project. Now, please forgive the quality of the videos. I'm using an iPhone 5, and this is a first time for me. I was using the Splice app for iPhone, which is incredibly easy to use, but I guess limited with it's editing features. But for a beginner such as myself, it was perfect.

So now I present my first three videos on my YouTube channel! I hope you enjoy them!

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

As I said before, I have a lot to learn about making YouTube videos and I would like to make more, so I'm looking into ways where I can film with a camera that has much better resolution, and edit with a program that has a lot more features! If you like my videos, I hope you'll subscribe to see more. This is my channel >HERE<. I would LOVE to hear your feedback and suggestions on how I can improve my videos, so please feel free to comment!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

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